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Transcripts of Proceedings
of the
Nassau County, New York, Legislature 2012-2014

(More to Come)

The internet presentation, to the public, of these transcripts, is a service of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club.  We thank William J. Muller III, the Clerk of the Legislature and his staff for their assistance in fulfilling our FOIL request.

For information concerning the structure and membership of the Nassau County Legislature, please go to our brief summary:

The following are transcripts of proceedings of the Nassau County Legislature. The dates are the dates of the proceedings. If this is your first visit, you might open one of the pdfs to get a feel for the convenience features we have added.  Then go further down this page and read our explanation of those features and of the naming and structure protocols that we have followed.

To view these transcripts you must have a pdf reader that is equivalent to Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 or later.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is available, at no charge, at the following location:

Creative Commons License

PLEASE NOTE: The RVC Democratic Club asserts a creative commons license upon these transcripts, to the following extent, and the terms of that license are agreed and accepted by anyone who downloads or otherwise takes or accepts possession of any of these transcripts.

1. The transcripts may be freely copied and distributed in their as-is condition, either as electronic documents or as hard copy, but may not be modified for the purpose of: changing the substance and accuracy of the transcripts or of subjecting Nassau County or the Rockville Centre Democratic Club to ridicule. If you want to engage in such activity, get your own copy of the original minutes from the Clerk's office.

2. No charge, fee or other consideration may be imposed for these transcripts or any part of them by anyone who distributes any of the transcripts.

3. The running header shall not be removed from any re-distributed copy of any of these transcripts without the prior written permission of the Board of Directors of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club.

4. Any restriction placed by this license shall not be binding upon the Nassau County Legislature or upon the Clerk of the Legislature, acting in the Clerk's official capacity.

5. A copy of this Creative Commons License shall be provided to any distributee of these transcripts, either by being prominently displayed on any download site, as it is here, or by an appended hard copy of this license.

Legislative Year 2014

(2014-01) Jan 6, 2014 Full Leg-mod.pdf
(2014-02) Jan 6, 2014 Committees-mod.pdf
(2014-03) Jan 13, 2014 Committees-mod.pdf
(2014-04) Jan 27, 2014 Full Leg-mod.pdf
(2014-05} Jan 27, 2014 Rules Committee-mod.pdf
(2014-06) Feb 10, 2014 Committees-mod.pdf
(2014-07) Feb 24. 2014 Full Leg-mod.pdf

Legislative Year 2013

2013-01-January 7 2013 Committees-mod.pdf
2013-02-January 14 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-03-Feb 04 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-04-February 11 2013 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

2013-05-March 04 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-06-March 04 2013 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

2013-07-March 13 2013 State of the County Address-mod.pdf

2013-08 March18 2013 Rules Committee - Part 1-mod.pdf

2013-09 March 18 2013 Rules Committee - Part 2-mod.pdf

2013-10-March 18 2013 Full-mod.pdf

2013-11-April 08 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-12-April 22 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-13-April 22 2013 Rules Committes -mod.pdf

2013-14-May 06 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-15-May 20 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-16-May 20 2013 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

2013-17-June 03 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-18-June 18 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-19-June 24 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-20-July 01 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-21-July 13 2013 Full Leg Reconvene June 24th Meeting-mod.pdf

2013-22-July 15 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-23-July 15 2013 Rules-mod.pdf

2013-24-July 29 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-25-August 05 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-26-September 03 2013 Budget Committee-mod.pdf

2013-27-September 09 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-28-September 23 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-29-September 23 2013 Rules.-mod.pdf

2013-30-October 07 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-31-October 09 2013 Full Leg - Budget-mod.pdf

2013-32-October 16 2013 Full Leg - Budget-mod.pdf

2013-33-October 21 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-34-October 28 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-35-November 18 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-36-November 25 2013 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

2013-37-November 25 2013 Full Leg-mod.pdf

2013-38-December 09 2013 Committees-mod.pdf

2013-39-December 19 2013 Reconvene of 8-5-13 full leg-mod.pdf

2013-40-December19 2013 Full Leg -mod.pdf

2013-41-December19 2013 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

Legislative Year 2012

(2012-01) Jan 01 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf
(2012-02) Jan 01 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-04) Jan 20 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-05) Feb 06 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-06) Feb 13 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-07) Feb 14 2012 Economic Committee-mod.pdf

(2012-08) Feb 27 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-09) Mar 05 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-10) Mar 05 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-11) Mar 08 2012 Towns Committee-mod.pdf

(2012-12) Mar 14 2012 State of The County Address-mod.pdf

(2012-13) Mar 19 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-14) Mar 26 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-15) Mar 29 2012 Budget Hearing-mod.pdf

(2012-16) Apr 16 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-17) Apr 16 2012 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

(2012-18) May 07 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-19) May 21 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-20) Jun 04 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-21) Jun 12 2012 Pub Safety Committee-mod.pdf

(2012-22) Jun 18 2012 Full Leg ok-mod.pdf

(2012-23) Jun 18 2012 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

(2012-24) Jun 25 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-25) Jun 25 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-26) Jul 09 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-27) Jul 09 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-28) Jul 23 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-30) Aug 06 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-31) Aug 06 2012 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

(2012-32) Sep 10 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-33) Sep 24 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-34) Oct 15 2012 Tribute To Peter Schmitt-mod.pdf

(2012-35) Oct 15 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-37) Nov 19 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-38) Nov 20 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-39) Nov 20 2012 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

(2012-40) Dec 03 2012 Committees-mod.pdf

(2012-41) Dec 17 2012 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2012-42) Dec 17 2012 Rules Committee-mod.pdf


Why we are posting these transcripts

The Rockville Centre Democratic Club has obtained transcripts of the proceeding of the Nassau County Legislature for the years 2012, 2013 and January-February, 2014.

Over the coming months, we will be securing and posting transcripts of the ongoing proceedings, as well as the transcripts of earlier years. Our goal is to make available to all Nassau County residents the opportunity to see what is actually said and done in our County legislature.

We have put together a brief description of the members and structure of the Nassau County Legislature.  It may be helpful for you to review that, so as to place in context the transcripts of the legislative proceedings.

The proceedings of the Nassau County Legislature are preserved in transcripts created by a stenotype reporter on a stenotype machine. As far as we know, we are the first to publish the transcripts of the proceedings of the Nassau County legislature.  We believe it is important that this be done because, without that transcript there is little if any reliable institutional memory to show the discussion that preceded the adoption or defeat of legislation. 

It has also become increasingly recognized that “transparency” of proceedings is essential to accountable government.  Accountability increases the likelihood that government will function properly, responsibly and with an eye to the will of the public.

Another important point is that the transcripts will provide a valuable learning aid and issue development for persons who seek to run for County office and for new legislators.

At present, the legislature has a “live internet video feed” of its proceedings. However, that broadcast is usually at a time of day that most people do not have the ability to watch. Inexplicably, there is no archive of those videos.  Thus, if you miss watching the live feed, you do not have the opportunity to view it at a later time.  Since the cost would be minimal, the legislature ought provide for the public archiving of the videos of its proceedings.  YouTube would carry those videos at no cost to the County.  The local Cable companies would likely broadcast them, as well.

At present the legislature does not post on the internet the typewritten transcripts of its proceedings. They should do so. Until they do so, we will post the transcripts.

Using the Transcripts

The transcripts were obtained by us, in pdf format, from the Clerk of the Nassau County Legislature.  There are two kinds of proceedings: 1) Meetings of the Full Legislature, and 2) Meetings of committees of the Legislature.

The twelve committees are:

Public Safety;
Government Services & Operations;
Economic & Community Development and Labor;
Public Works;
Minority Affairs;
Towns, Villages and Cities;
Planning, Development & the Environment;
Health and Social Services; and
Budget Review.

Since a legislator may sit on a number of committees, the committee meetings are generally held in sequence. So, on a given day, anywhere from one to twelve committee meetings will be held, one after the other, AND there may also be a meeting of the full legislature.

The system we have followed in grouping the transcripts of those proceedings is basically as follows:  Each  full legislative proceeding is bound in one pdf transcript. For the most part, committee transcripts that occur on the same day are bound into one transcript, so as to avoid a proliferation of documents. It is not unusual for a matter that is mentioned in one committee to also be mentioned in some other committee. That is an additional benefit of keeping transcripts of one day within one pdf.

The pdf of a full legislative proceeding is called “Full Leg”.  The pdf of committee proceedings is called “Committees” if there are more than one committee proceedings in that pdf.  Otherwise, the name of the Committee is in the pdf file name [e.g. "Rules Committee"].

Thus, taking four of  files for 2014, the file names are as follows: . 

(2014-01) Jan 6, 2014 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2014-02} Jan 6, 2014 Committees-mod.pdf

(2014-03) Jan 27, 2014 Full Leg-mod.pdf

(2014-05) Jan 27 Rules Committee-mod.pdf

The parenthetical portion (2014-01) shows the year of the proceeding and the sequence of that transcript in that year. Each year starts a new sequence, so, there is a 2014-01 AND a 2013-01 AND a 2012-01, etc.

The date is the date of the proceeding.

“Full Leg” means it is a meeting of the full legislature.

“Committees” means the transcript includes proceedings of two or more committees

“Rules Committee” means that the particular transcript only relates to proceedings of the Rules Committee.

All of our transcript names end with the abbreviation “mod” to show that we have modified them in some way in order to make them internet friendly and searchable.  We are reasonably certain that there has not been any change in the substance of any transcript. Anyone who wishes a certified copy of any transcript should apply for same to the office of the Clerk of the Legislature, pursuant to the New York Freedom of Information Law.

How we modified the transcripts.

As noted earlier, we combined committee transcripts of meeting that were held on the same day, so as to reduce the number of documents involved.

Each transcript has a running header “This document was downloaded from the website of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club - Page 1 of 28”.


The header makes clear the source of the transcript, and a link is provided for persons who would like to see the other transcripts and these explanatory notes.  Every transcript page retains the page number assigned by the stenotype reporter,  Where we have included more than one committee transcript in a pdf, we have provided an additional, consecutive numbering that permits easy reference to any page of the transcript. That avoids duplication of page numbers.

Due to a peculiar formatting used by the stenotype reporter, a large number of the transcripts were not searchable when we receivd them. A narrow space character had been inserted after each letter of every word. Thus, for example, the computer did not see the word “the, but, instead, saw the word “t h e “.   We removed that formatting and the transcripts are now, therefore, searchable.

In the left margin of each pdf we have included a table of contents.   Regardless of where you are in a pdf, you can go to the left margin  table of contents and see what proceeding you are in.  You can also click on a table of contents entry and go to the first page of the hearing to which the entry relates.

On each page we have added a convenient set of “buttons”.

Clicking once on the Table of Contents button shows the table of contents. Clicking again, hides the table of contents.

If, by chance, your viewing device is set to use less than the full width of your screen, clicking on the “Wide Page” button will widen the viewing area, thus making the transcript more legible.

The “Search” button will produce for you a list of all locations within the transcript(s) that your search term appears.

Several options are provided, so that you can better fine tune your search.

Thus, a search through a transcript for the word "cost", produced the following result:


You can click on any one of those results and you will be brought to the page in the transcript where that result appears. The search window can be made wider or narrower. Make it narrower, so that the pages you are searching are not hidden.  The best method: At the top of the search window there is a button named "Arrange windows". Click on that button and the the search window will be automatically be resized and placed next to the document window. That way, you can have convenient access to both, as you click through your "finds".

You can actually search through 100 different transcripts in a folder, with just one search request, and a list like the foregoing will be produced for all of those transcripts as to that search word or phrase.

Unlike the standard search, you can save the search results as an independent pdf or as a CSV text file to use as you wish. A very handy feature for combing through long documents.  Here is a portion of search results that were saved as a pdf.


The “Print” button produces the standard print dialog, and lets you print all or part of the transcript.

The “Print Page” button will print whatever single page you are on. Thus, as you go through a transcript, if you want a particular page, just press the “Print Page” button”. The printing will be to your default printer, unless you change it.

The print buttons are for transcript pages.  If you want to print the result of a search, you should save them as a separate pdf and then print that.

Here is an extra gift for you: go to the top of this web page.  Click on the button "PDF of this Document". It will give you a pdf that has all of the imbedded links that are on this page and all of the instructions that are on this page.

If you have any questions concerning how to use these transcripts or wish to call an error or suggestion to our attention, you can email us: