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A Brief Summary
Concerning the Structure and Operations
of the
Nassau County Legislature

As noted on the Legislature’s web pages:

“The Nassau County Legislature, formed in 1996, is the legislative arm of the Nassau County government. Comprised of single representatives from each of the County's 19 districts, it is the Legislature's duty to draft and approve local laws that affect the County and its residents.

“The Nassau County Legislature is based on a committee system, consisting of twelve committees. Issues are assigned to a committee for review and consideration. Upon approval, issues move to the Rules Committee for further review. If approved, issues are placed on the calendar of the Nassau County Legislature at full session where it is voted on by all 19 legislators. The public is invited to attend and observe all committee meetings. Public comment is welcomed at full sessions of the legislature.

“The 12 committees are Rules; Finance; Public Safety; Government Services & Operations; Economic & Community Development and Labor; Judiciary; Public Works; Minority Affairs; Towns, Villages and Cities; Planning, Development & the Environment; Health and Social Services; and Budget Review”.

There are 19 legislators in the Nassau County Legislature. Each is elected by and represents a separate legislative district of Nassau County.  The majority leader of the legislature is the “Presiding Officer”. The committee assignments of each legislator can be found here:  

Nassau County is subject to the Constitution and Laws of the State of New York and, where relevant, the Constitution and Laws of the United States.  There is a subdivision of the New York laws which is called “The County Law”. In addition, the County is subject to its own “Charter” and the laws enacted by the County legislators. See the links found here:

The website of the Legislature includes a listing of the title of the “local laws” adopted by the Legislature between 2007 and 2014.  We have assembled those local laws in a pdf booklet that can be found here.

The webpages of the Legislature have the following primary divisions (click on a link and your browser will go there.

     Legislature Home

What We Do



Budget Process

Local Laws

Who Is My Legislator?

Committee Assignments

Meeting Calendars

Temporary Districting Advisory Commission

Clerk of the Legislature Homepage

Office of Legislative Budget Review

Select a Legislative District Map for more Information

Nassau County Legislature Journal of Proceedings

Nassau County Government More...

Elected Officials
Agency Directory

The current (2014) legislators are as follows [Click on the photo of a legislator to go to that legislator’s official web page]:

Legislator Kevan Abrahams
LD 1
(D)[Minority Leader]

Legislator Siela A. Bynoe
Siela A.
LD 2

Legislator Carrie Solages
LD 3

Legislator Denise Ford
LD 4

Legislator Laura Curran
LD 5

Legislator Francis X. Becker Jr.
Francis X.
Becker Jr.
LD 6

Legislator Howard J. Kopel
Howard J.
LD 7

Legislator Vincent T. Muscarella
Vincent T.
LD 8

Legislator Richard Nicolello
Richard J.
LD 9

Legislator Ellen W Birnbaum
Ellen W.
LD 10

Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton
LD 11

Legislator Michael Venditto
LD 12

Legislator Norma L. Gonsalves
Norma L.
LD 13
[Presiding Officer]

Legislator Laura M. Schaefer
LD 14

Legislator Dennis Dunne, Sr.
Dunne, Sr.
LD 15

Legislator Judy Jacobs
LD 16
Rose Marie
LD 17

Legislator Donald MacKenzie
LD 18

Legislator David Denenberg
LD 19

Keep in mind that several persons who were on the Nassau County Legislature in earlier years, are no longer members of the legislature.

An overall review of the history, structure and geography of Nassau County can be found here in Wikipedia:,_New_York.

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