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Incorporated in 1923 - Our 91st year.
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The meetings of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club are open to all who wish to attend, regardless of  age or Party affiliation or voter registration. We encourage wide community participation in the active citizenship and discussion of political matters. Only voting on Club decisions is limited to dues paying members.

For Government - Every day must be Transparency Day.


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If you are not a member, but would like to join the Rockville Centre Democratic Club, please download and complete a Membership Application. No dues are charged for the first year of membership. Thereafter, the dues are $20 per person, and $25 for all members of the same familial household.

If you are a member, and have not yet paid your dues, please send your dues to our Treasurer, Benjamin Meyer,  200 North Village Avenue, Apt.  E10 , Rockville Centre, New York 11570-2352. He can also be emailed at: bmey214@optonline.net.  Dues are billed at the end of January. You can save us the postage by paying in advance.

If you would like to work on one of the RVC Dems committees, please send an email to: Volunteers@RVC-Dems.com



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Bylaws of the Nassau County Democratic Committee

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Historical Documents

The Rockville Centre Democratic Club has a rich history, going back over ninety years. We are in the process of collecting Club historical materials and documents that bear on the history of politics in Nassau County. They will be posted to this website. We think you will enjoy going through them and will find that they give insight into the days past, and perhaps help to better understand the present.

Many thanks to Buddy Meyer, Dot and Charlie McGarvy and Herb Rosenbaum for contributing some of their treasures.

The following are each in pdf format.

     1, Democratic Committee Person's Handbook (c. 1994)

     2. RVC Democratic Club Annual Dinner-Dance (1960)

     3. RVC Democratic Club 48th Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1971)

     4. RVC Democratic Club 49th Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1972)

     5. RVC Democratic Club 50th Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1973)

     6. RVC Democratic Club 51st Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1974-75)

     7. RVC Democratic Club 25-Year Salute to Moe Schneider (1978)

     8. "Machine Politics Suburban Style: J. Russel Sprague and the Nassau County (N.Y.) Republican Party at Midcentury" by Marjorie Freeman Harrison (2005)

     9. BOOK REVIEW: "Why Nassau County Is No New York City" By BARTH HEALEY Published: April 16, 2000, NY Times

    10. "Its Gulotta in a Landslide" November 13, 1997, Westbury Times

    11. "North Hempstead Dems Mull Future" November 27, 1997, Westbury Times

     12. Transcript - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Address to - N Y State Civil War Centennial Commission - September 12, 1962.pdf

      13. Audio Recording - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Address to - N Y State Civil War Centennial Commission - September 12, 1962.mp3


The Rockville Centre Democratic Club
Incorporated in 1923 - Our 91st year.
Email: mail@rvc-dems.com
Phone Contact: (516) 418-2336
Website: http://rvc-dems.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rvcdems/

April 22, 2014

Dear Members and Friends,

A. Next Meeting
The Next meeting of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club is on Thursday, April 24 2014, at 7:30 PM at the Sandel Center, 50 South Park Avenue, Rockville Centre.

 We will have two speakers. This will be an extremely informative evening with an opportunity to learn much, ask questions and make appropriate comments. We continue an outstanding series of speakers devoted to the welfare of Nassau County and its residents.  We are honored to have:

Christopher Wright Photo

1. Christopher P. Wright - Board member of the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) - For Background, see:

(NIFA website) http://www.nifa.state.ny.us/
{Profiles of NIFA Directors)  http://www.nifa.state.ny.us/directors.html

(Articles Concerning NIFA) http://www.newsday.com/search#q=NIFA

Kathleen Rice Photo
2. Kathleen Rice, District Attorney of Nassau County, and candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 4th Congressional District. For background, see:

(Biography) ../4-2014 Graphics/KR.Bio.2014.pdf
(Website of the District Attorney) http://www.nassauda.org/
(Kathleen Rice campaign website) http://www.kathleenrice.com/
(Articlea Concerning Kathleen Rice) http://www.newsday.com/search#q=Kathleen%20Rice
(Articles Concerning Kevan Abrahams - the other Dem candidate) http://www.newsday.com/search#q=Kevan+Abrahams

There will be a refreshment break between speakers.  The meeting is open to all, regardless of party affiliation or club membership.  There is no admission charge.

B. Continued Breaking News - We recently announced that the Rockville Centre Democratic Club is again leading the way - by promoting attention to the activities of the Nassau County Legislature. For the first time in history the transcripts of the proceedings of the Nassau County Legislature are being published on the internet, and it is our website that has accomplished that feat.  The details can all be found at: Transcripts of Proceedings - Nassau County Legislature.html  Last month, we published the transcripts of the 2012 and 2013 proceeding, as well as the available transcripts for 2014 proceedings.  We are now in the process of making searchable and user-friendly the transcripts of the  2010 and 2011 proceedings.

C. Nassau County Physician Listing - We have added to our website a listing of all physicians in Nassau County who were Medicare providers as of 2012. The listing is arranged according to specialty.

D. Amendment of By-Laws.  The Board of Directors has prepared a proposal for amendment of the by-laws to better reflect or improve upon the Club's procedures.  The proposed amendments will be introduced at the April 24 meeting and will be voted upon at the May 15, 2014 meeting.

E. Agenda for Meeting of this Thursday, April 24, 2014

    1. President's Opening Comments
    2. Treasurer's Report
    3. Report of by-laws committee
    4. Comments and Questions from the membership to the officers and directors.
    5. Guest Speaker - Christopher Wright - Member of NIFA Board - followed by question period.
    6. Refreshment Break and Informal Discussion

    6.Guest Speaker - Kathleen Rice - Nassau County District Attorney and Congressional Candidate (4th CD) - followed by question period

F. Our Prior Meeting (March 20)- The Club was pleased and honored to have as our speaker Kevan Abrahams, member (1st District) and Democratic Minority Leader of the Nassau County Legislature and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 4th Congressional District..  His presentation was well received, and there was a substantial and lively discussion period.

G. Our May Meeting (May 15 ) - As previously discussed, we will be voting on proposed by-law amendments that will be circulated later this week.  The theme of the meeting will be: Grass Roots organization and Grass Roots Influence upon Policy and Performance of Government and Party.

H. Contributions Needed -
The Club wishes to purchase an electronic projector so that meetings can be enhanced with projection of charts, photos and videos.  The approximate cost of a suitable projector is $400.  We are soliciting contributions for that purchase.  Former President Herb Rosenbaum kicked of the campaign with a contribution of $50,  Members and friends of the Club are urged to send a contribution by check to our Treasurer, Benjamin Meyer, 200 N. Village Ave., Rockville Centre, NY 11570 - Suite E10  (Treasurer@RVC-Dems.com). Whatever you can send will be appreciated.

I. The Club Officers for the current year are:

President.  Henry J. Boitel
First Vice President Loretta Brady
Second Vice President, Jared Kasschau
Secretary, Dorothea Boitel
Treasurer,  Benjamin Meyer
Directors, Elizabeth Botwin and Lillie R. Poulson, Richard Skolnik, Eric Sussman, Judy Tobey and Jeffrey Friedman.

Many thanks to the officers and directors for their service
  •    Club members who wish to become more active in Club activities, should send an email to President@RVC-Dems.com.  It is our intention to add one person, from the general club membership, to each Board Committee. The Board can use the help, and that will also help to groom club members for future service as officers and Board member

J. Political and Club History Section of Our Website.  We have added to our website an historical section relating to the political history of Nassau County, the Town of Hempstead and Rockville Centre. If you have any documents you think would be worth posting, please send an email to us: History@RVC-Dems.com   You will enjoy going through these records of times past in the history of our Club and of Nassau County politics - see our website here: http://rvc-dems.com/#Historical_Documents