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RVC-Dems 1923


The Rockville Centre Democratic Club
Incorporated in 1923 - Our 92nd year.
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Jared Kasschau, President
Meeting Thursday, October 15 , 2015, at South Side High School - 7PM

Dear Friends

I hope this email finds you well.

I am happy to announce that the next meeting of the RVC Democratic Club will be held in the South Side High School cafeteria on Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7:00 PM.  Several of our candidates for local office are expected to be in attendance to talk about their campaigns and issues important to you.

Hope to see you there (and please bring a friend/neighbor too)!

South Side High School is located at 140 Shepherd Street, Rockville Centre, NY 11570.

Best regards,

Jared Kasschau
President, Rockville Centre Democratic Club

What:  RVC Democratic Club Candidates Night
When:  Thursday, October 15, 2015   7:00pm
Where:  South Side High School, 140 Shepherd St. (off N. Long Beach Rd.), RVC  (in 1st floor cafeteria--enter front door and go down corridor on right)
Speakers:  Local Nassau County Democratic candidates

Following are the candidates who will attend the meeting:

Madeline Singas, Democratic candidate for Nassau District Attorney (currently acting director of DA office, appointed by Kathleen Rice)

Laura Curran, current Democratic legislator for Nassau's Legislative District 5, running for re-election

Jim Paymar, Democratic candidate for Nassau's Legislative District 6

Tova Plaut, Democratic candidate for Nassau's Legislative District 7

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1. Officers and Directors of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club - as of January 22, 2015. Terms are for two years.

President - Jared Kasschau (1st year) - President@rvc-dems.com
Treasurer - Benjamin M. Meyer  (2nd year) - Treasurer@rvc-dems.com
Secretary - Gail Stackman (1st year) - Secretary@rvc-dems.com
First Vice President - Jeffrey Friedman (2nd year)
Second Vice President - Eric Sussman (1st year)
Director -  Elizabeth Botwin  (2nd year)
Director - Lillie Poulson  (2nd year)
Director - Lorrie Brady (2nd year)
Director – Richard Skolnik (1st year)
Director – Martin Cener (1st year)
Director – Judy Tobey (1st year)
Director - Henry J. Boitel (Immediate Past Presdient) - PastPres@rvc-dems.com

The RVC-Dems Telephone number is (516) 418-2336. Leave a clear message and your name and phone number, and your call will be returned.

2. Most Recent Meeting Notice

3. 2015 Calendar of Events of the RVC Dems - Including Scheduled Meetings,

4. Membership and volunteer Information

5 Twenty Questions for Nassau County's Future

6. By-laws of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club (pdf) - As amended June 19, 2014 (current)

7.  By-laws of the Nassau County Democratic Committee

8. Download RVC Dems Information Booklet - Includes ED Maps and Committee Persons

9. Download The New York State Election Law

10. Visit, Join and Comment at our New Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/rvcdems/

11. Report of Nominating Committee - December 5, 2013

12. Report Concerning Nassau County Democratic Convention - May 27, 2014

13. Historical Documents of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club

14. A Brief Summary Concerning the Structure and Operations of the Nassau County Legislature

15. Comprehensive Listing, by specialty, of Nassau County Physicians Who Take Medicare.

16. US Gov Report (June 23, 2014) on:  MEDICAID -  Financial Characteristics of Approved Applicants and Methods Used to Reduce Assets to Qualify for Nursing Home Coverage

17. (pdf) - After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill From Doctor He Didn't Know by ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, SEPT. 20, 2014   New York Times

18. (pdf) New York Times - Difficulty in Getting Your Medical Records

19. - Articles Concerning Civic Matters of local, State and Federal Community Interest

20. November 20, 2014 Report of the RVC-Dems Nominating Committee

21. NY Times Review of the Village of Rockville Centre, November, 2014

22. State of The Union Address - President Barack Obama, January 20, 2014

23. NY Times Editorial and Reader Comments. Concerning the January 20, 2014 State of the Union Addresss.

24. Address of Martin Luther King, Jr., at the Conclusion of the Montgomery to Selma March - 25 March 1965

25. H. Scottie Gourdine-Coads - Biographic Summary Accompanying Nassau County Martin Luther King Award to Her, 30th Annual Awards, January 20, 2015

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The meetings of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club are open to all who wish to attend, regardless of  age or Party affiliation or voter registration. We encourage wide community participation in the active citizenship and discussion of political matters. Voting on Club decisions is limited to dues paying members who are registered as Democrats with the Board of Elections..

For Government - Every day must be Transparency Day.


Membership, Dues and Club Committees

If you are not a member, but would like to join the Rockville Centre Democratic Club, please download or request a Membership Application. The dues are $20 per person, and $25 for all members of the same familial household. Standard memberships are for residents of the Village or School District of Rockville Centre who are registered members of the Democratic Party.  All other persons are eligible for associate memberships. The difference between memberships is that standard members can vote on club issues and run for office.

If you are a member, and have not yet paid your dues, please send your dues to our Treasurer, Benjamin Meyer,  200 North Village Avenue, Apt.  E10 , Rockville Centre, New York 11570-2352. He can also be emailed at: bmey214@optonline.net.  Dues are billed at the end of January. You can save us the postage by paying in advance.

If you would like to work on one of the RVC Dems committees, please send an email to: Volunteers@RVC-Dems.com


RVC Dems Documents

The following documents are available in pdf format by clicking on their titles, below: Right click on them to download

Bylaws of the Rockville Centre Democratic Club.

2. .
Bylaws of the Nassau County Democratic Committee

3. Membership Application


Nassau County Legislative Organizational Documents

       1. Nassau County Charter (2010) - pdf
       2. Rules of the Nassau County Legislature (2014-2015)- pdf

Historical Documents

The Rockville Centre Democratic Club has a rich history, going back over ninety years. We are in the process of collecting Club historical materials and documents that bear on the history of politics in Nassau County. They will be posted to this website. We think you will enjoy going through them and will find that they give insight into the days past, and perhaps help to better understand the present.

Many thanks to Buddy Meyer, Dot and Charlie McGarvey and Herb Rosenbaum for contributing some of their treasures.

The following are each in pdf format.

     1, Democratic Committee Person's Handbook (c. 1994)

     2. RVC Democratic Club Annual Dinner-Dance (1960)

     3. RVC Democratic Club 48th Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1971)

     4. RVC Democratic Club 49th Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1972)

     5. RVC Democratic Club 50th Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1973)

     6. RVC Democratic Club 51st Anniversary Commemorative Journal (1974-75)

     7. RVC Democratic Club 25-Year Salute to Moe Schneider (1978)

     8. "Machine Politics Suburban Style: J. Russel Sprague and the Nassau County (N.Y.) Republican Party at Midcentury" by Marjorie Freeman Harrison (2005)

     9. BOOK REVIEW: "Why Nassau County Is No New York City" By BARTH HEALEY Published: April 16, 2000, NY Times

    10. "Its Gulotta in a Landslide" November 13, 1997, Westbury Times

    11. "North Hempstead Dems Mull Future" November 27, 1997, Westbury Times

     12. Transcript - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Address to - N Y State Civil War Centennial Commission - September 12, 1962.pdf

      13. Audio Recording - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Address to - N Y State Civil War Centennial Commission - September 12, 1962.mp3

        14. Statement of Henry J. Boitel to Nassau County Legislature, June 16, 2014

       15. Video Extract - Proceedings of Nassau County Legislature - June 16, 2014